Colour Consultants Can Make A Difference To Your Appearance

December 11, 2009 | Posted in: Colour consultants


Colour Consultants Can Make A Difference To Your Appearance

There are many ways to look younger. From anti-wrinkle creams to cosmetic surgery, and all of them offer some hope in the quest to defy our aging appearance. Another consideration and a much less expensive option is finding out how Colour Consultants can make a difference to your appearance and how they can make you look younger.

Colour Consultants won’t deny that lots of things help give you a more youthful appearance. Skin care treatments, anti-aging creams, Botox, cosmetic surgery, a healthy diet, exercise, drinking lots of water and sleep all affect the way we look.

But most important of all is knowing and understanding what colours will make you look fabulous and what colours will make you look tired and sick. All sounds a bit mysterious? Well it isn’t really.

The impact of colour should never be underestimated. Colour consultants are able to inspire others to enjoy the benefits of perceptive colour selection. We admire and appreciate the existence of our colourful world.  We take pleasure from watching the colours of a setting sun. We are fascinated by the beauty of a rainbow or a field of spring flowers.

Many of us even have a basic understanding that colour is not only seen but felt. The whole experience of colour is influenced not only by light energy that enters the eye from our surroundings, but also by subjective factors from within the brain. So is it any wonder we can even have positive or negative reactions to colour. For example the colour red can evoke feelings of excitement or threat. Yellow can be associated with cheerfulness or apathy and purple can relate to Royalty or depression. These are just to name a few as there can be almost as many reactions and responses as there are actual hues.

So why does colour have such a profound effect on our appearance? Colour is reflective , and when worn near the face reflects up onto the skin, hair and eyes. When a colour is worn that is in harmony with a personal natural colouring, that person will appear healthier, brighter, more youthful and alive.  The human eye responds positively to harmony and balance. It is aesthetically pleasing when colours relate to each other in some orderly logical way. In fact wearing the wrong colours can give the wearer the appearance of being older, unwell, and tired. So don’t reach for the expensive face creams or sign up for the Botox just yet.  Simply find out what colours look great on you.

Colour Consultants can make us look younger because they have an understanding of certain areas of our colouring that are important and should be considered in combination. That is skin, natural hair colour and eye colour and intensity. We all have the elements that make up our colouring in varying amounts, i.e. hemoglobin, carotene and melanin.

Because the human eye responds positively to harmony and balance and it is aesthetically pleasing when colours relate to each other, it is logical then that the information from Colour consultants would be of huge benefit in the quest to look younger.


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