Makeover Stories

Diana is a wife and busy mum. She had expressed to Abfab that she had reached a point where she was wearing the same old same old every day… a style rut. Diana has little time to shop but wanted to look good and the sea of clothes in stores left her uninspired, not that she knew what she was looking for. A colour and style consultation with Abfab was exactly what Diana needed to get her back on track and restore her confidence when she goes shopping.

Jenny came to Abfab after a friend of hers went to one of our fundraising events and was very impressed with the information we shared. Jenny told us that what her friend learnt sounded just like the kind of service she was looking for. She said she was becoming less confident in choosing colours and styles that suited and as a result was relying on the attitudes and opinions of others like her Gen Y children, who have the best intentions but were imposing their fashion onto her. After a colour and style consultation and personal shopping Jenny now knows how to manage her own visual image and feels so much more confident.

“I’m a wife and mother of three little ones including twins. Even though life is hectic I managed to lose a considerable amount of weight. Dropping several dress sizes was fantastic but I found myself still choosing styles that were for a larger figure. I had no idea how to dress and flatter my new shape. Michele and Sharron-Del lead me down a whole new path of style where I am now confident to go shopping and choose clothes that suit my colouring and my figure.”

“I’m a wife and mother of 3 and work part-time. Thinking of doing something special for myself was increasingly being put in the too hard basket. The occasional trip to the hairdresser was about the only indulgence I had time for. As a result I felt like I was in a style rut knowing that what was hanging up in my wardrobe wasn’t working for me anymore. What I liked about the colour and style service that Abfab provided was that they listened to my brief. They took the time to learn about my lifestyle and needs and didn’t visually turn me into something that I wasn’t or couldn’t maintain. Thank you Michele and Sharron-Del”

I wanted the consultation because I was buying clothes based on my last one 20 years ago and knew some of the colours weren’t right but couldn’t work out why. I also felt the style I was advised to dress in wasn’t right. I’d buy clothes, then wear them, only to be so disappointed when I’d see a photo and realise how wrong the colour or style was.

Since meeting with you both, I have so much more confidence and a better understanding of what to buy and how to dress. Honestly I haven’t bought anything yet because if it isn’t in my colour or Great or Good options I’d prefer to wait for the right pieces. I’ve made some extra outfits with clothes I already had that I would never have thought of mixing and matching before. I love “contrast”! I always felt like darker nail polishes and make-up suited me but wasn’t sure. Since changing colour combinations of outfits and wearing make-up a little different, people have been commenting that I look well and if I’ve lost weight!

“I am a mother, wife, Deputy Principal at a large primary school in Western Sydney and I also care for my 90 year old mother. Clothes and good grooming have always been very important to me. Whilst I put a lot of effort into choosing my clothes and make up I felt I didn’t always get the effect I was hoping for. That has all changed now as I better understand my body shape and the colours that create harmony and balance for my skin. Style and appearance make sense now as I happily scour the shops for that new special wardrobe piece. My style and colour analysis was a very enjoyable and worthwhile experience. Many thanks Michele and Sharron-Del.”

“I was the typical women who felt lost when I walked into the shopping centre and didn’t know what to buy! The reason I went to Michele and Sharron-Del was to learn what colours look fabulous on me, together with the clothes that suit my figure. My appearance is important to me. I now feel confident in my own skin, look healthier and feel fabulous. Thank you Abfab!”