Greens for all Seasons: 1

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Greens for all Seasons: 1

COOL Clear (Cool Winter) and COOL Muted (Cool Summer)

Everyone can look fabulous in green, the trick is knowing which greens suit your season. There are a range of greens for all seasons! To find the ones which will look lovely on you, you must consider the three characteristics of all colours; temperature, intensity and value. When you share the same three characteristics as the green you’re considering, you can be very confident that it will look fabulous on you.

Greens for the Cool Dominant Seasons: Temperature

By way of example, let’s begin by focusing on the Cool Dominant categories: COOL Clear and COOL Muted. These two categories share a cool undertone or temperature as their dominant characteristic. The greens which will look good on them therefore have a COOL or blue undertone. They will both have several greens in common in their palette or swatch.

Greens for the Cool Dominant Seasons: Intensity

An important difference between the two Cool Dominant categories is intensity. COOL Clears look their absolute best in colours which have high to medium intensity meaning they are clear to slightly muted. So, blue- based greens which are clear to slightly muted will harmonise beautifully with them. COOL Muteds on the other hand, are best in slightly softer shades. Their best intensity ranges from low to medium high. They will look fabulous in softened, blue-based greens. And the greens these two categories have in common, as well as being blue-based, will be medium in intensity. It’s worth mentioning here that a fabric’s surface affects intensity. So, a factor to consider when choosing a garment is whether the fabric is shiny or matte. Highly reflective surfaces make colours appear clearer while matte ones soften colours. So, even when both seasons share the same greens, what can make the greens even more fabulous for each, is the surface of the fabric.

Greens for the Cool Dominant Seasons: Value

The third colour characteristic which determines whether a blue-based green suits a Cool Dominant is its value. COOL Clears can look wonderful in very light all the way through to very dark greens however, COOL Muteds look best in medium light through to medium deep greens. Bearing this in mind, the greens they have in common as well as being blue based and medium intensity will be medium depth; neither too light or too dark.

Cool Winters aka COOL Clears look fabulous in cool, deep, clear greens.

Cool Summers aka COOL Muteds look fabulous in cool, medium deep, soft greens.

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