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Patterns and Colour Analysis

How To Choose Patterns Which Complement Your Colouring

Just like your most flattering colours reflect your own colour characteristics, so it is true for patterns and prints. In order to choose patterns which complement your colouring, you need to be able to identify your key characteristics. Choose Patterns Which Complement Your Own Contrast Levels and Intensity For those with high contrast in their […]

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A perfect muted green for a SOFT Cool.

Which Greens are your most flattering? A Green for All Seasons 2.

Which greens are your most flattering if you are a Soft Dominant season? There is huge variation in the colour green, and that variety means there is definitely a green for all seasons. There are light greens, dark greens, bright greens, muted greens, yellow greens and blue greens. In my previous post I talked about […]

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Greens for all Seasons: 1

COOL Clear (Cool Winter) and COOL Muted (Cool Summer) Everyone can look fabulous in green, the trick is knowing which greens suit your season. There are a range of greens for all seasons! To find the ones which will look lovely on you, you must consider the three characteristics of all colours; temperature, intensity and […]

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Peach Fuzz is Pantone’s Colour of the Year

Peach Fuzz is Pantone’s colour of the year which is why you may have noticed lots of peachy hues in the stores lately. It’s a light, warm and muted tint; very pretty and very feminine on the right person. It’s perfect for a LIGHT or SOFT Warm. However, LIGHT Cools and SOFT Cools could work […]

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Fashion Trends for Summer 2023

Summer 2023 is here, and that means it’s time to update your wardrobe with the latest fashion trends. Or is it? Just because something is on trend doesn’t mean it should be mindlessly adopted by us all. Before adding the latest ‘in’ thing to your wardrobe, there’s a few factors to consider if your goal […]

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The perfect epitome of a classic style personality

The Absolutely Fabulous Classic Woman

Do you have a classic style personality? A classic style personality prefers timeless looks that are stylish year after year. They are not interested in throwaway fashion and would rather have fewer, quality pieces in their closet. It is epitomised by unfussy designs, regular shapes, thoughtful co-ordination and a degree of conservatism. They tend to […]

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How To Dress A long Waist and Short Legs

When it comes to dressing our body type, we often hear about the horizontal body shapes, pears, apples, triangles, rectangles or whatever other names stylists have conjured up. However, the vertical body type is just as important. It focuses on the balance between your torso and your legs. Today I’m suggesting some do’s and don’ts […]

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How To Choose Your Best Skirt Length

How to choose your best skirt length is a question many women ask. Once upon a time the length of our skirts was determined by social values, morality and religion. In more recent times fashion also had a say in where our hemlines finished, though it can argued that moral values strongly influenced fashion. As […]

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On trend at any age.


MIXING AND MATCHING PATTERNS This season one of the strongest fashion trends is the mixing of different types of patterns in the one garment and/or in the one outfit. Virtually all the chain stores, budget or otherwise, and up-market designers have embraced the idea. The Creative style personalities amongst us will think this is fantastic […]

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Business Dress

Business Dress; Beware the Stereotype

Our business dress creates a perception in the mind of others that has the power to: make or break relationships open or shut doors attract or repel opportunities.   Everyday people use stereotypes to decide whether to engage with a person or move on. In business we do not want people moving on to another professional or another firm. […]

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