Colour Analysis

“As music is to our ears, colour is to our eyes” – Anonymous

A Colour Analysis is an important step on the wonderful journey of creating your own unique and fabulous style.

Your Colour Consultation:

  • Demonstrates the colours that look fabulous on you.
  • Explains your ideal contrast level, patterns and fabrics.
  • Includes a full make-up in your perfect colours.
  • Offers hair colour and style advice.
  • Provides you with an individual Colour Swatch and Colour Guide.


Colour is the first thing noticed about a person; it can create your mood
or reflect it. When you wear your best colours you will look younger,
fresher, and lovelier. And we think that’s absolutely

Visual balance is an essential part of looking fabulous. Human beings are strongly attracted by balance and harmonious colours create balance. Choosing colours that harmonise with our colouring is therefore an important element in creating our best visual image.

Colour is reflective from the waist up and therefore what you wear impacts on your skin, eyes and hair. We all have our own unique colour signature that will be flattered by certain qualities of colour. Likewise, our visual appearance can be diminished by wearing colours that are conflicting with our own colouring.


Every colour has three characteristics and the combination of these elements create the myriad of colours that exist in our world.

Colours have temperature, depth and intensity. This means colours are warm or cool, dark or light and bright or muted. And of course there is an infinite range of variables for each of these.

A colour analysis determines your colour signature by examining your skin, hair and eyes. It analyses their temperature, depth and intensity. This indicates how warm or cool, how deep or light and how bright or muted is your colouring. Once that has been decided, you will learn how to identify the hues, textures, contrast levels and patterns that create visual harmony with your own colouring. You will be shown how to select core colours to build your wardrobe upon as well as innovative and exciting ways to increase your colour options.


Gone are the days when you were merely assigned one of four ‘seasons’. Today there are fifteen classifications and one of these will match perfectly with your colour signature. A totally personalised colour palette is created for you and you will be shown a fabulous array of colours to incorporate into your wardrobe and make-up collections. You receive a comprehensive swatch as well as recommendations for your hair, metals, shoes, bags and glasses.

An “Absolutely Fabulous Colour Analysis” is an amazing experience and an extremely worthwhile investment. You’ll be amazed at the results. Not only will you look and feel more beautiful but your colour options will be widely expanded. You will save time and money for years to come.

Colour Analysis: $260

Combine your Colour Consultation with a Style Analysis for a Comprehensive Package.