Look Ten Years Younger With The Help Of A Colour Consultant

December 1, 2009 | Posted in: Colour consultants

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Look Ten Years Younger With The Help Of A Colour Consultant

Do you want to know how to look ten years younger without plastic surgery? Ask a Colour Consultant. Many women in their forties may reach a moment where they look at themselves in the mirror and acknowledge that even though their face show signs of middle age they feel no different inside than when they were young women.

It’s at this time that many women may entertain the idea of plastic surgery. Looking at ways to turn back the clock on their aging appearance simply because it does not mirror how they feel from the inside out. A Colour Consultant would recommend that before you outlay all that money, go through all that pain and suffering, and put aside all that down time to recover – have your “colours done.”

A colour consultation will provide you with the knowledge about your unique colouring that will impact on what colour clothes will suit you, the best make-up colours for you and how to colour your hair. The result is harmony and balance with your natural colouring. Your complexion will look smoother, your eyes look brighter and your overall appearance will be one of health and vitality. In other words you will look ten years younger.

Colour is the first thing that is noticed about a person’s appearance. It affects mood, apparent body shape, apparent age, your outlook to life and the overall impression you make on others. Wearing your best range of colours will make you look healthier, vibrant and energetic. You can discover the colours that work best for you by contacting a colour consultant. From your consultation you will receive a professionally made swatch containing 50 of your best colours. This takes the guess work out of shopping so that you will come home with garments that look great on you.

But looking ten years younger doesn’t stop there. For a more youthful appearance wearing make-up plays a crucial part. As a woman’s face begins to show signs of aging it is very tempting to try to camouflage everything with a heavier foundation. With many things in life, ‘less is more’ and make-up is no exception. A good foundation will be the perfect colour for you. A Colour Consultant will establish whether it needs to be warm, cool, or neutral depending on your skin tone. Discovering which colours are best suited to and show off your fabulous eyes are also a part of the consultation, along with your best blush and lipstick colours.

And finally colouring your hair is probably the most dramatic thing you can do to turn back the clock, especially if you are grey. But turning back the clock involves more than grabbing any bottle of colour.

A successful colour is one that suits:

  • Your natural colouring.
  • Is in tune with the changes caused by aging. As we age our skin gets paler and cooler and our eyes lose their intensity. Women who don’t realize this often purchase hair dyes that no longer suit their colouring.

A Colour Consultant is mindful of this fact and will make a recommendation for the right colour hair for you.

Looking ten years younger, therefore, will be as a result of discovering the perfect colours for you through engaging the services of a Colour Consultant.

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