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Accessories can make or break an outfit

How to Choose the Right Size Accessories

Size Really Does Matter Knowing how to choose the right size accessories is an important skill but one that is easy to master. Have you ever put on a piece of jewelry and even though you love it thought it just didn’t look right? You just can’t put your finger on the problem but you […]

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Patterns and Colour Analysis

How To Choose Patterns Which Complement Your Colouring

Just like your most flattering colours reflect your own colour characteristics, so it is true for patterns and prints. In order to choose patterns which complement your colouring, you need to be able to identify your key characteristics. Choose Patterns Which Complement Your Own Contrast Levels and Intensity For those with high contrast in their […]

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A perfect muted green for a SOFT Cool.

Which Greens are your most flattering? A Green for All Seasons 2.

Which greens are your most flattering if you are a Soft Dominant season? There is huge variation in the colour green, and that variety means there is definitely a green for all seasons. There are light greens, dark greens, bright greens, muted greens, yellow greens and blue greens. In my previous post I talked about […]

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On trend at any age.


MIXING AND MATCHING PATTERNS This season one of the strongest fashion trends is the mixing of different types of patterns in the one garment and/or in the one outfit. Virtually all the chain stores, budget or otherwise, and up-market designers have embraced the idea. The Creative style personalities amongst us will think this is fantastic […]

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coordinated colours montage

Colour Connection

We’ve all made the occasional sartorial mistake at some time or other. Many of us older girls can probably remember a few cringe worthy moments in our youth. So, in the interest of looking fabulous from here on in, …here is one of AbFab’s ”don’t go there” tips; unco-ordinated colours.  For example, when you wear […]

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Colour Consultants – What They Can Do For You.

Colour is one of the key elements that determine whether clothes will flatter or detract from us. Generally we are attracted to the quality of colour that harmonises, balances and complements our own colouring. However, fashion, friend’s advice, availability, budget constraints and a lack of time all conspire against us; we ignore our own innate […]

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Colour and Style Image Consultant

A Colour and Style Image Consultant is a great person to see if you want to update or change your visual appearance. Perhaps you have become a little bored with the reflection you see in the mirror and feel you are in a style rut. You may loath going shopping because you bring home the […]

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