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September 10, 2009 | Posted in: Image Consultant

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Colour and Style Image Consultant

A Colour and Style Image Consultant is a great person to see if you want to update or change your visual appearance. Perhaps you have become a little bored with the reflection you see in the mirror and feel you are in a style rut. You may loath going shopping because you bring home the same old style in the same neutral no-brainer colour…!

Why we lose our way with our own style:-

Thankfully these dilemmas can be solved once and for all. By simply engaging the services of a Colour and Style Image Consultant you will be able to achieve your true visual potential.

We are influenced by the likes and dislikes of our parents, friends or partners.

We are not taught about body shape, the dynamics of dress or line and design

Fashion is fickle and constantly changing, telling us one thing and then another are all busy and have less time to shop around for our clothes and accessories

Our lifestyles, personality and values change over time

We experience changes in our financial position

Some develop unreasonable personal expectations

We age and sometimes wonder if it’s OK to wear certain dress styles or accessories

Our body changes shape over time through:  childbirth, menopause, illness, old age, weight gain and weight loss

Many of us seem to be unaware of the power of image. Whether you realize it or not the way we dress tells the world many things about about you:

Your personality

  • Your level of self-esteem
  • Your degree of self-awareness
  • Your associations
  • Y our attitudes
  • Your intentions
  • Y our social background
  • Your financial circumstances

By appreciating the messages your clothes are sending out about you and realizing that you are in control of those messages you will have made the first of many important insights that will ultimately help you to reach your personal goals.

People who care about their appearance are seen to be more credible and capable. A well dressed and groomed woman will often be judged as having a higher intelligence and motivation and a higher level of self-esteem and confidence. Wow….and all this from just donning on an outfit!

Whether you realize it or not, you also dress according to how you feel about yourself. If you are lacking in self-confidence you will often dress in clothes that will not attract attention, where a confident person will dress in an attractive and self-edifying manner.

Even more important, right or wrong, when you look good you feel great. So never underestimate the value of great personal presentation.

Because of what we wear and how we present has such a profound effect on how we look and feel and are perceived by others, it is worth considering engaging the services of a Colour and Style consultant as an investment in yourself. Their objective and well trained eye will help you on your discovery to a new and even more fabulous you!


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