Mens Fashion – How to Wear A Suit

August 27, 2009 | Posted in: Image Consultant, Mens Fashion


Mens Fashion – How to Wear A Suit

The world is governed more by appearance than by realities…” Daniel Webster.

In a world where people form opinions about others based on their visual image, it is imperative that we create the best and right impression of ourselves. In mens fashion the same rules apply as to women.Men are flattered by a well fitted suit, it enhances their appearance. The design of a suit strengthens the wearer’s shoulder line, slims his torso and lengthens his leg. It gives the man, presence, authority and confidence. A suit can reflect social standing, professional position and hints at the wearer’s potential to move ahead in life. In the western culture there are strong stereotypical associations connected to the wearing of a suit; these include power, prestige, success and formality.

A professional male will need to own several suits; other men will require only one. So, how much to pay? A suit is a complex garment that requires skilled craftsmanship. A suit less than $300 will have a very limited life span and will look good for a very short time. In this price range, short cuts on manufacturing or fabric must have been taken. For a suit of reasonable life expectancy and quality, one needs to pay something between $500 and $800. Initially, this is an expensive outlay but on the positive side, a classic suit is barely affected by fashion. Over the last 100 years, fashion influences have impacted on basic silhouettes and lapels and not much else. So, the suit a man buys today will look equally good in 7 – 8 years time. What’s to be gained by paying more than $800 for a suit? The quality of the fabric and the craftsmanship will make it a delight to wear. It will give the wearer an almost imperceptible aura that will set him apart from other men. As with almost everything in life, “you get what you pay for” and “you never get more than what you pay for”.

Mens fashions change very little from season to season. …….the variation is just in the detail, such as the number of buttons on a suit or the breadth of the lapel, which most men wouldn’t notice. We want to look reasonably good, but safe – we want to look like we’re in charge of ourselves, but have not thought too much about what we’re wearing.

Mark Tungate, author of the bestselling “Fashion Brands”

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    Excellent post about thinking outside the box. It really is all how you look at it. Hahhaa we can wear the suit properly.

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