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Image Consultants

What is an Image Consultant?

An image consultant is a highly trained professional who combines many roles. They specialise in visual, verbal and non-verbal communication. They assist clients with every aspect of their personal image, visual and otherwise. The job of an image consultant is to maximise the visual and non-visual potential of their client. They are passionate about their work and love working with people.

Their skills and knowledge encompass:

  • line, design and colour
  • fashion styling
  • dressing different body shapes
  • business dress
  • business etiquette
  • interview skills
  • wardrobe organisation
  • personal shopping
  • assertiveness training
  • presentation skills

As in most professions, image consultants tend to develop an expertise in one, two or three specific areas. So, if you are looking to use the services of a consultant, be clear in your own mind what you wish to achieve. This will help you to find the professional who will be best suited to your needs.

The Difference between a Stylist and an Image Consultant

The two terms are often substituted, one for the other. However, they are not one in the same. Someone may be a stylist but not an image consultant while most image consultants are stylists. Fashionist would perhaps be a more apt term for someone who styles an individual in the latest trends to create a contemporary look. An image consultant can certainly perform this service but they can do much more. They take a holistic approach to their client in that they involve themselves with the inner and outer personality.

Why Seek Out an Image Consultant?

before image consultant

The hackneyed response to this question is “because image matters”. Social psychologists have long been conducting research into the impact of visual image on a person’s life. Consistently their findings suggest that someone’s appearance has a significant impact socially and professionally. In a fast paced world, many assumptions and impressions about people are formed very quickly using quite limited information. Personal presentation influences other’s perceptions about someone.

after image consultant makeover

In business image can affect the bottom line and it is true for individuals as well.

You may want to learn how to create an effective wardrobe, mix and match garments, look taller, slimmer and youthful, find your dream job, get out of a style rut or reinvent yourself. Whatever your motivation, seeking the services of an image consultant can be a rewarding and fun experience that will have enduring benefits.

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