De-Cluttering the Wardrobe after Makeovers

August 12, 2009 | Posted in: Makeovers

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De-Cluttering the Wardrobe after Makeovers

For many women makeovers are the catalyst that heralds a fresh start. When it comes to reinventing your look we all know we need to start with the fundamental basics of learning our own colour and style. Once this is accomplished it is then worth enlisting the help of an image professional to refine and de-clutter your wardrobe to complete your makeover.

Many women relate to wearing 20% of their wardrobe 80% of the time. The evidence is right there. All those poor orphan garments hanging there unworn and unloved.

Why we lose our way:

  1. We are influenced by the likes and dislikes of others
  2. We are not taught anything about our own body shape and how to dress it
  3. Fashion is constantly changing
  4. We age and become unsure of our style
  5. Our body changes shape four times over our lifetime
  6. We lose and gain weight
  7. Our lifestyle and values change
It’s no wonder we open our wardrobe doors and proclaim to anyone who will listen “I have nothing to wear”!! And it’s true because our wardrobes are usually full of guilty mistakes.

The benefits of a wardrobe organisation after makeovers:

  1. Your wardrobe will be full of clothes you like and want to wear
  2. Your wardrobe will be a source of inspiration to mix and match
  3. Your wardrobe will contain colours and styles that make you look and feel great and younger
  4. Your wardrobe will be full of favourites you can’t wait to wear

To Organise and plan your wardrobe means:

  1. To clean out existing clutter
  2. To organise what you have left
  3. To determine what items you need to purchase and fill in any gaps
  4. To determine what clothes you need to suit your lifestyle and personality

To discover which styles, brand names and stores deliver the best value for your dollar

So if you thought makeovers were just about finding a new hair style and lipstick colour, think again. Those that are truly comprehensive and include sifting through your wardrobe will be an enlightening and liberating experience.

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