How to Dress a Flabby Tummy

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How to Dress a Flabby Tummy

Call it a muffin top, spare tyre or whatever you will, many women, especially those of us over 40 carry excess weight on our stomach. I have met very slim women who are fit and trim but still struggle with a flabby tummy. There are a plethora of solutions offered on the internet, most of which involve diet and exercise, but regardless of whether you have tried a few of these, are in the process of trying  them or you have put it all in the too hard basket, knowing how to dress a flabby tummy can really help. So, here are AbFab’s ten best dressing tips to help you look absolutely fabulous, even with a little pot belly.

  1. Distraction. This involves drawing attention upwards and away from the trouble area. Do this by:
  • Wearing eye catching necklaces and/or earrings
  • Decorative or interesting necklines
  • Interesting shoulder detail
  1. Fitted and flared jacket that nips in at the waist.

    Fitted and flared jacket that nips in at the waist.

    Define the waist.

Many of us succumb to hiding a flabby tummy beneath a big boxy jacket. Problem is we only succeed in making ourselves look big all over. Instead wear a jacket or top that nips in at the waist and is at least low-hip to crotch length.   Ponte and unlined stretch fabric jackets work well.

  1. Don’t tuck in.

Soft flowing tops with a little wriggle room are a great way to hide what lurks beneath. They also help to elongate the torso. Remember, what looks longer looks thinner.



  1. Raised waist or empire line dress to hide a flabby tummy.

    Raised waist or empire line dress to hide a flabby tummy.

    Raise the waistline.

Choose empire line or raised waistline tops and dresses. However, avoid tops that are too loose and baggy. You don’t want to create the impression that you are pregnant. A fit and flare style skims, not clings to the slimmest part of your torso underneath your bust and then flares out over thr tummy.

  1. Wear patterns. Patterns can be more slimming than a block colour because patterns confuse the eyes, they don’t know where to settle so they don’t settle anywhere. And as we don’t want eyes settling on our tummy, that’s a good thing. A few pattern tips include choosing:
  • Medium sized patterns
  • Deep to medium-deep backgrounds
  • Angular patterns as opposed to circular.
  1. open jacketOpen Jacket or vest or cardigan.

When you wear an open jacket you are running two long vertical lines down the centre of your body and this is one of the most slimming strategies ever! As well as the vertical lines working their illusory magic, the jacket of course also hides the tummy beneath.  In summer, you can opt for a sheer, light weight fabric in a jacket, cardigan or vest.

7. Ruched, light to medium weight fabric camouflages a soft tummy. Look particularly for styles that have a ruched centre panel. The sides are smooth and only the central area of the garment is ruched. This is a particularly useful strategy for swimwear.

  1. A medium to wide belt.

Preferably elasticised, wear a belt that can sit over the tummy area and ‘suck it in’. This works really well if combined with strategy No. 6

  1. With and without shapewear.

    With and without shapewear.

    Shapewear. I’m not talking about the whale bone corsets that our great-grandmothers endured. Today’s shapewear is pretty darn clever and pretty comfortable to boot. Try high waisted undies, slimming camisoles and slips or full body suits. Whatever you decide, make sure it is not too tight because otherwise you will put them on and take them straight off again. I have read that you should buy your shapewear in the same size as your clothes, or even a size smaller. However, I recommend going up a size, this way the garment will definitely fit, feel more comfortable and still smooth out the lumps and bumps. Give it a go and see what works for you.

  2. Combine two or more of the above strategies!

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