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Fashion Trends for Summer 2023

Summer 2023 is here, and that means it’s time to update your wardrobe with the latest fashion trends. Or is it? Just because something is on trend doesn’t mean it should be mindlessly adopted by us all. Before adding the latest ‘in’ thing to your wardrobe, there’s a few factors to consider if your goal […]

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How To Dress A long Waist and Short Legs

When it comes to dressing our body type, we often hear about the horizontal body shapes, pears, apples, triangles, rectangles or whatever other names stylists have conjured up. However, the vertical body type is just as important. It focuses on the balance between your torso and your legs. Today I’m suggesting some do’s and don’ts […]

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How To Choose Your Best Skirt Length

How to choose your best skirt length is a question many women ask. Once upon a time the length of our skirts was determined by social values, morality and religion. In more recent times fashion also had a say in where our hemlines finished, though it can argued that moral values strongly influenced fashion. As […]

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On trend at any age.


MIXING AND MATCHING PATTERNS This season one of the strongest fashion trends is the mixing of different types of patterns in the one garment and/or in the one outfit. Virtually all the chain stores, budget or otherwise, and up-market designers have embraced the idea. The Creative style personalities amongst us will think this is fantastic […]

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So, you have a soft and spongy tummy. Join the club!

How to Dress a Flabby Tummy

Call it a muffin top, spare tyre or whatever you will, many women, especially those of us over 40 carry excess weight on our stomach. I have met very slim women who are fit and trim but still struggle with a flabby tummy. There are a plethora of solutions offered on the internet, most of which involve […]

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The perfect epitome of a classic style personality

How To Dress Like a Style Icon

    Lessons to be Learned from a Style Icon We love Audrey Hepburn, she is one of our favourite style icons. We think she perfectly epitomised stylish dressing and we began to consider that  the rest of us mere mortals could learn how to dress like a style icon by studying how Audrey did it. […]

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patterned pants2

How to Wear Patterned Pants

Patterned pants are a very popular fashion trend this year. They are frequently colourful and just a little ‘out there’. For the past couple of summer seasons, floral pants were the in thing, but in  Summer 2014/15, there has seen a shift away from flowers to abstract and geometric patterns. The colour options have been varied, and of […]

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Alpha Snaps Photography

How To Look Younger, Taller, Slimmer and Fabulous.

Understanding how colours impact our appearance is the first step to looking younger and fabulous. Understanding how the line and design of garments and accessories work for or against us is the first step to looking slimmer, taller and fabulous. Know Your Colours When we wear colours that share the same qualities as our own […]

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Alterations: A Fact of Life

Women’s bodies are constantly changing. We Abfab women look in the mirror and see a body that barely resembles the one we had as young 20 somethings. We may still be ‘rectangles’ and ‘triangles’ but that’s probably where the similarity ends with our younger selves.  We have had babies, gained and lost weight and got […]

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The Visual Appeal of Balance

Have you ever looked in the mirror and felt dissatisfied with what you see, yet you’re not too sure what isn’t right? In these instances it is very likely the issue is one of balance, or more precisely, the lack thereof.  Balance is defined as the harmonious relation of parts to each other or to […]

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