Using A Personal Stylist To Uncover The Real You

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Using A Personal Stylist To Uncover The Real You

Being a ‘personal stylist’ is just one of the multitude of hats worn by a qualified image consultant. The two terms are not necessarily interchangeable, however.  The role of a personal stylist is to enable his or her client to fulfil their visual potential; to be the very best version of themselves that they can be.  It’s exciting and immensely rewarding to help someone discover how fabulous they can look. The repercussions go way beyond the superficial changes made to someone’s appearance.  The visual transformation affects a person’s sense of self, their confidence and self esteem. Therefore, it is a privilege and an honour to work with a client as their personal stylist.

In order that the changes are successful in the  medium to long term, the personal stylist needs to learn some important aspects about the client. First and foremost they must know and understand the social and professional life of the client. If the new image is to endure, it needs to support and complement the client’s lifestyle, otherwise the changes will be transitory and quite meaningless.

Another important consideration is the style personality of the individual. We each have a way of dressing that communicates to the world our values, our interests, our inner self.  Our style personality will very often determine how people interpret, value and respond to us.  For many people it is almost instinctive and a result of who we are and where we come from. For example, if you are someone who loves the outdoors, enjoys participating in sports, has an athletic figure and has better things to do than spend time on make-up and acrylic nails, you probably have a relaxed, casual style personality. On the other hand if you have an eye for detail, love geometric  patterns, bold colours, are tall and statuesque and in a position of authority, chances are your style personality is dramatic. Other personality types include romantic, alluring, classic, elegant and innovative. A personal stylist is adept at analysing someone’s style personality as well as helping a client to develop and enhance it further.

One of the final considerations but certainly not the least is the physical attributes of the client. This includes their horizontal and vertical proportions, physical fitness and tone, significant features such as a sway back or broad shoulders, their face shape, neck length and colouring.

Once all these considerations have been taken into account, a personal stylist is ready to start the transformation process. The first step is creating the perfect make-up that will enhance the client’s colouring and face shape while suiting her style personality and lifestyle. The next step in the process is choosing a fabulous hairstyle and if necessary, colour. When these things are done, then it’s time to hit the shops and find the clothes that beautifully reflect the personality style of the client and at the same time flatter her face and figure. This often involves educating people in the current trends and how to make them work for the individual. Accessorising frequently plays an important part in this, because its shoes, handbags, jewellery and belts that truly create the total look. They are also brilliant tools for updating someone’s image and expressing their style.

So, the role of a personal stylist is quite complex but if you are looking to revamp your image, reinvent yourself or discover your visual potential, they are well worth the investment.

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