How A Colour Consultant Can Help You

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How A Colour Consultant Can Help You

A Colour Consultant is a skilled colour analyst who is able to inspire others to enjoy the benefits of perceptive colour selection. They are able to demonstrate how and why some colours enhance a person’s appearance, giving them a look of health, youth and vitality, while other colours detract, leaving the wearer looking tired, old and ill.

Colour Consultants can also be regarded as being part of a helping profession. Many women seek the advice of a Colour Consultant at times of great change in their lives. It may be a divorce, illness or loss of a job. The aim of our service and consultations is to empower our clients, make them feel stronger and more confident in themselves, to look good and feel great.

During your Colour Consultation you will find out:

  • Your basic undertone (Cool or Warm
  • Your major season (Winter or Summer/ Spring or Autumn
  • Your Flow (Deep, Light, Cool, Warm, Clear or Soft
  • Your required contrast levels for clothes and hair colour
  • Which fabrics best suit you
  • Which fabric characteristics suit you
  • What types of patterns suit you best
  • Your hair colour and eye colour options
  • How to use your colour swatch
  • Discover the link between your personality and your colouring
  • Your face shape to help you select hats , eyewear, hairstyles and earrings etc·
  • Make-up recommendations

A  Colour consultant will determine what colours are best for an individual by looking at the following areas:

  • Skin tone
  • Natural hair colour
  • Eye colour and intensity
  • Clarity
  • Facial Characteristics
  • Personality

Your colour consultation takes approximately 90 minutes. By the end of this you will have an understanding and have visually witnessed what colours look great on you. You will also be presented with a swatch which is a wheel of 50 plus colours. How you wear and combine these colours  are only limited by your imagination. It is advised to have faith in this swatch because when you purchase items of clothing worn close to the face in your “right colours” they will have an absolutely positive impact on your face. This also applies to your accessories, i.e earrings, necklaces and scarves, and make-up.

It’s one thing to be given this beautiful swatch of colours but now you have to learn how to apply it to the clothes in your wardrobe and to all the clothing and make-up purchases you will make in the future.

It may take up to five years of conscious effort to develop a wardrobe that is colour correct and coordinated so take it one step at a time. If you have a wardrobe full of the wrong colours , make each new purchase a right one and before too long it will all come together.  Your colour consultation will not only discover your true fabulous colours but you will be able to shop smart and effectively with a mistake ratio of zero. Ultimately ending up with a wardrobe full of favourites and 100% effective instead of wearing 20% of your wardrobe 80% of the time.

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