A Word or Two about Prints

March 10, 2014 | Posted in: Image Consultant

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A Word or Two about Prints

Printed fabric is a very common fashion element. It’s also true to say that some women are more attracted to prints than others but it would be a rare woman who didn’t own at least one or two printed pieces. Choosing a print that balances and harmonises with our own physical characteristics and personality traits is not always easy. The wrong print can spoil our appearance or make us feel dissatisfied with what we’re wearing. Generally, if we have more angles and straight lines to our body and face shape we will be attracted to and flattered by prints that reflect this. e.g. stripes,  houndstooth, angular geometrics. On the other hand if we have more curvy lines to our body and face shape, we will more likely be drawn to circular or wavy patterns. e.g florals, polka dots, paisleys

Do I look big in this?

Many people are scared of prints, as they’ve been told that prints will make them look larger. This is not always the case, it really depends on the type of print.


Complex vs Obvious Repeats.

Prints by four

One is enlarging and one can be used to appear slimmer, but which one is which?

Sparse prints and obvious repeated patterns, have the elements spread further apart, these are the ‘fattening’ prints as your eye is drawn individually to each element of the print.

Dense or complex prints have the elements closely packed together, so there is no obvious start or stop. This means they eye scans over the print but doesn’t stop and look at any one element. These are the slimming prints and are fabulous for hiding details and areas of your body where want the eye to skim over rather than focus upon

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