Take Control of Your Wardobe

March 9, 2014 | Posted in: How To Dress, Image Consultant, Personal Stylist, Womens Clothes

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Take Control of Your Wardobe

How many of us would intentionally bring home a packet of self raising flour when we already have 2 kg in the pantry and not a skerrick of cornflour? Or bring home a delectable cheese when we have no crackers to eat with it? Or buy some beluga caviar because it was on special but no one in the house likes the stuff? If this all sounds very silly, can we suggest that many of us do this when we shop for clothes. We buy multiples of the same garment when what we really need is something else entirely. We fall in love with something fantastic, bring it home and have absolutely nothing in our wardrobe to wear with it. We see some designer number reduced to a silly price, we don’t like the colour but hey it’s a bargain.

We waste money and we really shouldn’t it. It has to stop. One of AbFab’s business objectives is to help women stop wasting money.

So, one of the best strategies of course is to see us for a Colour and Style analysis, however in the meantime and even if you have already, here are some strategies to employ before you spend another hard earned cent at your local mall.

Set aside a rainy afternoon, grab a couple of garbage bags and a note pad.

  1. 1.       Go shopping in your own wardrobe.

Pull things out, scarves, shoes, jewellery included and start mixing and matching items that you have not considered wearing together. You will probably be amazed at how many ‘new’ outfits you can create without spending a cent. Put things away together or take a photo with your phone. Do whatever works for you to remind you of your new combinations.

  1. Find the gaps.

This means checking that you have at least one or two of the core garments you need. The quantity and quality will vary from person to person of course but generally we all need.

  1. 3.       Isolate the orphans

Put aside those garments and/or accessories that go with nothing else in your wardrobe. Now, decide whether they are worth the investment of more money to acquire what is needed. If the answer is yes, write the items down that you need to buy. If the answer is no, put the orphans in a garbage bag labelled “Give Away”.

  1. 4.       Check for items that owe you nothing.

Examine your garments and jewellery for signs of wear. If your one good jacket, for example   is looking like it has seen better days then it may be time to replace it. Put it in the “Give Away” bag and write it in the notebook.

  1. Decide to move on.

Check for garments that look like they’ refugees from a past decade. Absolute classic styling doesn’t date but garments that were once very much on trend will usually look dated today.  However, before you immediately assume purchasing a replacement is the only course of action, stop to consider if some inexpensive modifications could be made. E.g extra large cuffs made smaller, full sleeves narrowed, hemlines raised or lowered. Alterations in many instances will be a much more cost effective option. Put these items in the other garbage bag labelled “Repairs”.  But, if that’s not feasible then put them in the “Give Away” bag and add these items to the notebook.

  1. 6.       Take action!

Now, put the notebook in your everyday tote or handbag. Why? Because when you find yourself in a shopping centre you will have your shopping list with you. It will remind you what you need to buy and what you don’t need to waste your money on!! Take the “Give Away” bag to your local charity shop and take the “Repair” bag to an alteration booth.


It’s a great feeling to detox your wardrobe. Yes it takes a little time, but if you consider the cost savings involved, it’s well worth it. And if you really find it hard to let go of things or look at garments with an objective eye, then AbFab can come and help you clear out the clutter and make room for some fabulous new fashion. Don’t hesitate to call us if you think that’s an absolutely fabulous idea!!


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