The Absolutely Fabulous Classic Woman

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The perfect epitome of a classic style personality

The Absolutely Fabulous Classic Woman

Do you have a classic style personality?

A classic style personality prefers timeless looks that are stylish year after year. They are not interested in throwaway fashion and would rather have fewer, quality pieces in their closet. It is epitomised by unfussy designs, regular shapes, thoughtful co-ordination and a degree of conservatism. They tend to gravitate towards well-cut pieces in good quality fabric. Their closet is likely to have a lot of neutrals, but they also appreciate classic shades like red, blue and green, and classic patterns like polka dots, animal print, and stripes. So, it’s no wonder that classic style personalities appear elegant, refined, and well put together.

Classic Style in the Real World.

Classic style personalities value good grooming, order, discretion and efficiency. In their personal interactions they appreciate attention to detail, good manners and good taste. They create an impression of reliability, professionalism and stability. They always look appropriate.
For these reasons, at work their style is well suited to corporate roles and office administration. Their style is compatible with professions such as lawyer, accountant, business executive, flight attendant and receptionist.

Famous Classic Style Personalities

Celebrities past and present with a Classic style personality include Kate Winslet, Audrey Hepburn and Kate Middleton.

Preferences of a True Classic Style.

  • quality over quantity
  • matching accessories
  • neutral colours
  • solid colours rather than prints, though polka dots and stripes are always acceptable
  • streamlined silhouettes which are semi-fitted
  • no more than two or three accessories at a time
  • natural fibres like wool, cotton, silk
  • tailored jackets
  • collared shirts
  • genuine jewellery in regular shapes like ovals and circles.

Things that a classic style shuns.

  • revealing necklines and plunging backs
  • very short skirts
  • flounces and frills
  • body hugging garments
  • overly embellished anything
  • shine and sparkle before 5 p.m.
  • large statement jewellery
  • clashing colours
  • mixing patterns
  • super high heels and super flat flats

So what do you think?
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The timeless items in this montage are emblematic of a classic style personality.

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