Alterations: A Fact of Life

June 27, 2014 | Posted in: Body Shape, How To Dress, Womens Clothes

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Alterations: A Fact of Life

Women’s bodies are constantly changing. We Abfab women look in the mirror and see a body that barely resembles the one we had as young 20 somethings. We may still be ‘rectangles’ and ‘triangles’ but that’s probably where the similarity ends with our younger selves.  We have had babies, gained and lost weight and got older. That’s life and that’s all good. Over the years however, we have had to recognise when our bodies shifted a little and accommodated our clothing choices accordingly.

This recognition is vital for anyone who wants to look good in their clothes. One of the essential elements of stylish dressing is correct fit. It doesn’t matter how fabulous the garment or outfit may be, if it is ill fitting on you, your visual image will be compromised. People will notice that a top is slipping off your shoulders, buttons are straining to be free of their buttonholes, hems are too long/short, pants are baggy, sleeves are too long, so on and so forth.

Before you think this means you should discard half your wardrobe, stop!! Remember a couple of minor alterations may save the day (and your bank balance). We personally have extended the life of many garments by having them taken in, let out, taken up or let down. A dart here and there may be all it takes.

However, alterations are not just a way of coping with our constantly evolving bodies. Very few people have been gifted with bodies that have perfect horizontal and vertical proportions that replicate the shape and size used by manufacturers to produce our clothes. Numbers like 10, 12, 18 or 24 have little to do with whether we are short waisted or long waisted, long legged or short legged, have narrow or broad shoulders, flat bottoms or rounded ones, straight hips or saddlebags. The female form is a veritable minefield of variations.

Most of us should open our minds to the possibilities of alterations. We leave wonderful garments behind in the change room when a simple alteration would make all the difference. Shopping can be a lot less frustrating and upsetting if we accept that ready fitmade clothes won’t always fit us perfectly.

We pay far less for our clothes today than women did years ago. Back in the day, women had one pair of ‘going out’ shoes and their Sunday dress. Think about your own wardrobes and the sea of clothes and accessories inside. Mass production and emerging economies like China and India have transformed the garment industry. Minor alterations cost a little (they should not be expensive) but when added to the price of most garments, we are still doing much better than women in the past.

So, our advice is dress for the body you live in today, find someone convenient and reliable to alter your clothes and stop waiting to lose or gain weight before you go shopping! Life is too short to not look absolutely fabulous NOW!



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