Style Analysis

Take the guesswork out of looking good in a style and body shape analysis.

Then get ready for the compliments because people will notice.

Your Style Consultation:

  • Determines your body and face shape
  • Includes comprehensive clothing and accessory advice
  • Creates your own personalised style website providing all your personal style recommendations

Surveys tell us that the vast majority of women do not know their own body shape. They know their dress size but their body’s silhouette is a mystery to them. And yet this is the single most important factor in determining which styles truly look fabulous on us.

An individual Style Consultation takes approximately two and a half hours. The analysis involves the taking of a series of measurements and a visual assessment of your body’s shape and proportions. This information is then used to produce your comprehensive web-based style guide:


containing detailed style recommendations for everything you wear; dresses, skirts, pants, swimwear, hats, shoes, hairstyles and jewellery. Garments are effectively deconstructed and each aspect of their design is analysed and rated for you. You’re advised on the styles that negatively impact on your appearance as well as those that positively enhance and flatter your body’s shape and proportions. This helps you to eliminate garments on the boutique rack before you even try them on.


is an exciting, innovative and effective program designed in Australia and used by image consultants world-wide. Once your personalised web site has been created for you by Absolutely Fabulous, you can access your style recommendations anywhere in the world on your PC, notebook or tablet. This information takes the guess work and the ‘trial and error’ out of shopping. You’ll be able to use it to detox your existing wardrobe. You’ll be able to go shopping in your own closet and create outfits that you never even considered before.


One of the most frequent remarks made by clients during a style analysis is: “I didn’t know that!” Women are frequently unaware of what it is they don’t know. They may even consider that they have all the information they need to look good. However, few of us are fully aware of the principles of line and design when we start buying clothes and developing a wardrobe for social and professional purposes. This means that what we do know, we have learned the hard way; by trial and error. And then just when we think we have it all worked out, one of those significant figure altering events occurs; pregnancy or menopause… Suddenly we are back at the beginning, not having a clue what to buy or wear. Nothing seems to suit or fit.


When we dress to create or maintain visual balance, we are on the way to looking fabulous. The human eye is aesthetically attracted to balance.

Social psychologists tell us it is one of the significant elements in determining whether we perceive something as beautiful or not. The natural world is the master of balance; artists continually aim to replicate that mastery. In the fashion world balance is also valued; we admire a balanced human shape. Every garment has internal and external design features that have the power to create or ruin your body’s visual balance. Design features can also work minor miracles in disguising a raft of figure challenges. Once you have the right information about your body’s own design you will be able to shop quickly and effectively for those garments and outfits that create visual balance on you. You will develop a 100% effective wardrobe so that instead of saying, ‘I have nothing to wear!’ you will be spoilt for choice and have a wonderful selection of garments that you love to wear.

An ‘Absolutely Fabulous Style Analysis’ will take the angst and the guess work out of garment selection. It is an enlightening and empowering experience that will change the way you think about clothes, about shopping and about yourself.

Style Analysis: $250

Combine your Style Consultation with a Colour Analysis for a comprehensive package