Colour and Style Workshops

A workshop is a great option for many women.

  • It is cost effective.
  • It offers the same fabulous resources and information as a private consultation.
  • It is lots of fun.
  • Participants learn more about themselves by watching and comparing with other women.

Colour and Style workshops are limited to five participants. They offer the same great advice, resources and information as a private consultation. Being in a group setting allows our clients to learn and understand more about their own colour and style by watching others and noting similarities and differences. Often it’s easier to see things on someone else than it is on oneself. That’s because it’s always harder to be objective about ourselves. This is one of the very positive aspects of participating in a workshop. Another obvious aspect of course, is it is a lot of fun to spend the day with like-minded women looking for the same great information and with similar goals in terms of improving their visual image.

Participants receive:

  • a personalised Colour Swatch to keep in their handbag
  • accompanying colour notes
  • a personalised web-based Style guide
  • a handbag size style guidebook to take shopping
  • style personality notes

Workshops are held four times a year through Mosman Community College.

Check our Events page for upcoming workshop dates and venues and/or visit Mosman Community College-Life Style Courses/Fashion

Additional workshops are also organised from time to time at different locations.

The investment for a Colour and Style Workshop is $350 per person.

Comments from Workshop participants.
“I now know what to focus on as I do my shopping.”
“I will think more about mixing colours and being less conservative.”
“I have learnt to be myself with my own style and better present ‘my brand’.”
“I will be able to recommend my clients to do this course to learn more about their particular style needs.”