Colour Consultants – How They Can Change Your Life

November 16, 2009 | Posted in: Colour consultants

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Colour Consultants – How They Can Change Your Life

It may be a little over the top to suggest that colour consultants can change your life, however, they can change your visual image, the way you shop and your wardrobe. A personal Colour Analysis by a qualified Colour Consultant can be highly informative and enlightening. The consultant will increase your awareness and appreciation of colour and how it impacts on you. In many instances she will confirm what you already know; she may articulate what you have sensed to be true about your own colouring and the colours that attract you.

Colour Consultants can explain the three qualities of colour; temperature, intensity and depth.

The temperature of a colour refers to the presence of yellow (warm) or its absence (cool). The intensity refers to a colour’s light reflecting properties; highly reflective colour is bright while matte shades are muted. The depth of a colour is the most obvious trait to observe.

The colours that will best suit you are those colours that share the same qualities that you possess. For example if your overall depth of colour is medium, then you will be best suited to colours that are of medium depth. If the intensity of your colouring is muted, then you will be flattered by colours that are muted, softened or toned down. The fairer you are the more disconnected and unbalanced you will appear when very deep colours are placed below your face. Conversely, when someone with very strong and deep colouring wears pale colours they will appear drained by these shades. A colour consultant explains and demonstrates the quality of colour by a visual assessment of her client and the draping process. This allows you to see the impact of colours and their varying characteristics on you.

The knowledge and understanding that you acquire from a colour consultant will effect some very positive changes in your appearance, shopping habits and wardrobe organisation. When you embrace the colours that harmonise and balance your own colouring you will appear healthier, younger and more vital. Your skin tone will be more radiant and your complexion more even. Minor imperfections recede and the colour of your eyes and hair will be intensified.

You will find colour to be a great starting point when you hit the shops. A quick scan of the racks in your favourite boutique or department store will reveal whether there’s the likelihood of finding something fabulous. If the colours are not for you, there is no point in looking at the styles. …Move on!

Back in the wardrobe at home, use colour as your way of organising and arranging your garments. Keep your neutral coloured items together and then group similar coloured garments together. Its great when all your black camis and tops are in the one drawer and not spread throughout your cupboard. When colour is the system you are working with, your clothes will remain in a logical and accessible order. This great strategy will serve you well on those mornings when the alarm doesn’t go off, the cat has disappeared and you’ve burnt the toast.!!!

So, will a Colour Consultation change your life? That’s still debatable, however what is absolutely certain, is that she will impact your life in a very positive way.

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