How to Wear Patterned Pants

February 5, 2015 | Posted in: Body Shape, Colour consultants, How To Dress, Personal Stylist, Womens Clothes

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How to Wear Patterned Pants

Patterned pants are a very popular fashion patterned pants trend this year. They are frequently colourful and just a little ‘out there’. For the past couple of summer seasons, floral pants were the in thing, but in  Summer 2014/15, there has seen a shift away from flowers to abstract and geometric patterns. The colour options have been varied, and of course that’s great because with a little discernment we can a find a pair of patterned pants that blend beautifully with our own colour palette. However, all that being said there are a few things to consider before spending dollars on this latest trend.

We frequently write about focal points and just as frequently about the need for balance in our visual image. Both these style issues need to be considered before we buy those colourful pants.
Rest assured, these pants are a focal point. People will notice them and they will draw the eye of the onlooker towards your lower half. For some of us this is a problem, not up there with world peace, but still an issue. If you are a triangular body shape and/or short legged and/or carrying a few extra kilos on the hips, thighs and bottom then the following tips are especially important. On the other hand if you have the good fortune to be tall and slim, these tips can still help you to look absolutely fabulous in your beautiful patterned pants.

1. Choose your pair of pants in a colour that works with your own palette. No point in buying something that doesn’t work with the items you already own.

2. As these patterns often feature many different hues, choose the one which is most fabulous on you and base your outfit around this colour.

 3. To counter the downward attraction of these pants, do wear something eye catching on the top half. Choose a coloured top as opposed to a neutral shade or opt for an eye catching necklace, scarf and/or earrings. As well as taking the focus away from lower body figure challenges, this tip creates visual balance.
4. If you are hippy or short legged, avoid

elasticised cuffs. This style makes your legs appear shorter and wider. Instead select a straight or slightly tapered leg to elongate and slim your pins.

 So, with a little careful shopping and clever accessorising, there is no reason why we can’t embrace this fashion trend and liven up our wardrobes and ourselves with a splash of colour!

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