Investing In The Services Of A Personal Stylist

March 30, 2010 | Posted in: Personal Stylist

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Investing In The Services Of A Personal Stylist

Investment in a Personal Stylist can be worth very cent for many reasons. Perhaps the one feature that stands out the most is that they guide women in particular, to set out on a path, via clothes, to self confidence. If you are a woman who is tall and trim with long legs and still has a defined waist and looks great even in a sack, then we still love you but consider you a mutant of the species. The rest of us are normal and are faced with the challenges of how to look great with the body shape that we have.

This is where a Personal Stylist comes in with their keen eye for pointing out and highlighting your great attributes and minimizing the not so great ones. Many women are simply unable to see their great “bits” because they are so confused by their own bodies. Many of us give in to the impossibility of looking fabulous because we may hate our big bottom, boobs or tummy. So a Personal Stylist will show you how to create a fabulous looking you and how to dress the body shape you have.

A Personal Stylist will first gather information all about you that is necessary to then make recommendations on how to dress. To understand what is right for you such information is taken into consideration:-

  • Your lifestyle

Women today find themselves in many different roles: mother, wife, employer, employee, socialite etc. These roles combine to form an overall lifestyle. By analyzing your lifestyle you can identify your needs and prioritise your clothing purchases.

Look at these areas to ascertain your wardrobe needs:

  1. Work
  2. Sporting activities
  3. Home/ Relaxing
  4. Shopping/Socialising
  5. Entertaining
  • Personality Style

Just as we have our own personality, so we have our own style of dressing. Our personality and the way we like to dress are usually intertwined. Your clothing may or may not be reflecting the real you.

There are six main style personalities:

  1. Classic
  2. Feminine
  3. Natural
  4. Dramatic
  5. Creative
  6. Alluring
  • Your Colouring A personal colour analysis is a valuable tool in ascertaining which colours most enhance your natural colouring. Wearing colours that most suit you will have you being seen as younger, vibrant and healthier looking. Colour Analysis has evolved since the 1980’s so today you will fit into one of twelve colour profiles.                                                                                                  However the four main ones are:

1. Winter (cool)

2. Summer (cool)

3. Autumn (warm)

4. Spring (warm)

  • Your Vertical and Horizontal Proportions

Understanding your body type allows you to understand what type of styles of clothes and accessories will balance your proportion to create the illusion of a more perfect silhouette.

There are six recognized horizontal figure types:

  1. The Hourglass
  2. The Inverted Triangle
  3. The Triangle
  4. The Rectangle
  5. The Diamond
  6. The Round

Once these areas are worked out by your Personal Stylist your search for the right garments and accessories will suddenly become much quicker, easier and even enjoyable. Good style comes from a confident and positive attitude. In the words of Coco Chanel “If a woman is poorly dressed you notice the clothes. If she is impeccably dressed you notice the woman.”

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