Total Image Makeover

A new visual image has the potential to raise your confidence, improve your self-esteem, open up professional opportunities and generally make you feel fantastic. This package will create for you a visual image that is fresh, vibrant and lovely. It includes:

  • A Colour Analysis
  • A Style Analysis
  • Style Personality Assessment
  • Wardrobe Detox
  • Personal Shopping Adventure
  • A New Hairstyle and Make-up

Dressing is easy; it’s looking good that can be hard!

Are you in a style rut? By the time we reach our forties, many women have experienced sufficient trial and error that they are on the right track, style wise. However, that track can very easily turn into a rut. The dictionary tells us alternative words for being in a rut include being bored, staid, dowdy, unyielding, inflexible, ordinary, uninspired or dull.

When we are in a rut, we become blind to the changes around us. Enlightenment often only comes after a particular comment or event has made us aware. We may realise we need to change, we may want to change but…. we have no idea how or where to start. That’s a perfect time to invest in an Absolutely Fabulous Total Image Make-Over.

As a result of your Make-Over Investment you will be aware of:

  • Your body shape and know how to dress it
  • Your colouring, enabling you to choose clothes, accessories and make-up that harmonises with your skin, hair and eyes.
  • The hairstyles that suit your face shape
  • Your style personality

You will feel:

  • Confident when shopping to rejuvenate your wardrobe
  • Totally inspired by what you have learnt

You will be:

  • Master of your own visual image
  • In control of how others perceive you.

All it takes is the will, courage and commitment to make a change. We will hold your hand all the way. At the end of the day you will emerge as a stylish woman whose outward appearance is in perfect sync with your needs, personality and lifestyle.