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Many of us would like to be taller than we are, and many petite women envy their long legged, taller ‘sisters’.  And in some ways that’s a shame because lots of great adjectives go with petite: cute, compact, pretty, charming, feminine, sweet, dainty, delicate. However, when a petite woman dresses she doesn’t need to advertise her shortness. So there are some very useful guidelines to keep in mind if you are 5’4″ /160cms or less. If you don’t fit into this category don’t be too quick to dismiss the ideas here. Why? Because whenever we appear taller, guess what??? That’s right! We look slimmer!

At best these suggestions will increase your apparent height at worst, they won’t advertise or exacerbate your lack of it.

  • Think Narrow

Avoid wide hemlines on skirts, dresses and pants instead choose slim leg trousers, jeans, straight skirts or very subtle A lines. If you are slim and petite, then try the skinny jeans option , they may just work for you.

  • Bright Colours on Top

Use eye catching, bright colours to direct attention to your top half while keeping the bottom half quietly dressed in deeper and/or neutral colours. When the onlooker’s eye is drawn upwards, you will appear taller.

  • High Horizontals.

Horizontal lines demand the eye’s attention, so incorporate these into your dressing. But place them high on the body, preferably above the bust.  (Be careful of this strategy however, if you are large busted.)

  • Choose Heels

I know there are times when we need to slip into some flats, but NEVER when we don’t want a neon sign on our forehead flashing short person….short person…. Medium to high heels are the obvious device to add height. However, as well as adding inches, they also change our demeanour and posture in ways that add to the illusion of being taller.

  • Short Shorts

Ok, you need to have the legs for this option but if you do, go girl! Short shorts lengthen the leg while longer ones don’t, especially if they are wide legged. And that’s not rocket science.

  • Ditch the Crops

We know this is a really contentious suggestion.  Cropped pants and capris are the “couture de Aussie summer”. Yes they are comfortable, yes they are available in every chain store and yes they come in every colour but…NOTHING MAKES OUR LEGS LOOK SHORTER and our bottom closer to the ground.!

For some of you, these suggestions may be useful on a daily basis. Or perhaps they just might be helpful for special occasion dressing when it really does matter to you to look as tall and /or slim as possible. However you use them, we hope they give you some ideas for looking  fabulous!

Here’s a link to a website that may be useful for the petite girls who are over having to alter everything!


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