How To Look Younger, Taller, Slimmer and Fabulous.

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How To Look Younger, Taller, Slimmer and Fabulous.


Understanding how colours impact our appearance is the first step to looking younger and fabulous. Understanding how the line and design of garments and accessories work for or against us is the first step to looking slimmer, taller and fabulous.

Know Your Colours

When we wear colours that share the same qualities as our own colouring our skin glows, lines and blemishes are less noticeable and our eyes shine.  The qualities of colour are:

  • depth,
  • undertone (warm or cool)
  • intensity (soft or bright)

Every one of us has colouring that can be described in these terms. Know your colouring and you will know the colours to wear that make you shine.

Line and Design

When we wear clothes and accessories that use the elongating power of vertical influence to minimise the impact of broadening horizontal lines and enlarging circular influence, we appear taller and slimmer.

Take a Look at Julie.

In one guise she is wearing burnt orange which is medium in depth, has a warm undertone and has soft intensity. This conflicts with Julie’s deep, cool and bright colouring. As a result her skin has taken on an unhealthy sallowness and her beautiful eyes have lost their sparkle. In addition, the orange outfit is making her look heavier than she is.

In the 2nd outfit, the red and black colours are in complete harmony with Julie’s colouring. Look how clear her skin is now and how brightly her eyes shine. In addition, the 2nd outfit employs strong vertical lines and a lower neckline to help Julie appear taller and slimmer.

Looking great is not hard and does not take any more time. All that is required is a little information and we think that’s absolutely fabulous!


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