How To Choose A Fabulous Pair of Glasses

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How To Choose A Fabulous Pair of Glasses

Choosing the perfect pair of glasses can be a challenging exercise. There’s usually an overwhelming array of designs to select from, but the trick is knowing which ones to eliminate. When you do, the choices narrow considerably and the decision becomes much easier. The mantra of “harmony and balance” is just as valid for selecting glasses as it is for everything else that we wear.

The factors that affect whether frames looks fabulous on us are many, though they can probably be summed up under the headings of shape and colour.

Here are the important ones:

  1. face size
  2. face shape
  3. internal facial lines (straight, curved or combination)
  4. skin tone (warm or cool)
  5. hair colour (natural or not)

So, no wonder it can be confusing. Let’s look at these factors a little more closely.

  1. The Size of your Face. This is one of the easiest factors to get right. Small faces are usually overwhelmed by glasses with oversized frames and especially those which are much wider than your face. And of course larger and/or broader faces are underwhelmed by little frames.
  • The Shape of your Face. Generally, if your face is rectangle or square with your temples, cheekbones and jawline forming a straight line glasses with a straight outside edge will be a good choice. Similarly, if your face shape is rounded or oval, then the outside edge of your glasses can also be curved.


  • The Internal Lines of your Face. These lines are seen in your eyebrows, shape of your eyes and mouth as well as your nose. If the lines formed by these features are primarily straight, then frames that are angular and straight will flatter you. If the lines are predominantly curved, very rounded or oval shaped frames will suit you best. And if your face is a combination of curved and straight lines, then frames that are neither very straight nor very rounded will be best.



  • Your Skin Tone. If your skin has a warm undertone then warm coloured frames will be your most flattering choices and the ones most likely to harmonise with your face. Very cool or black frames look disconnected and more obvious on those of us with a warm undertone. So consider gold, bronze and tortoise shell as best all-purpose shades. However, if you want more colour in your life and your glasses, then try oranges, purples, brick reds, olives and other yellow greens. Cool skinned people need to choose from silver, pewter, grey or black for versatile frames. Great colour options include blues, blue reds, blue greens, pink and purple.
  • Your Hair Colour. If your hair is a deep warm shade such as brown with red highlights or a rich auburn, try darker warm frames; tortoise shell , dark brown, dark green or brick red could be perfect. If your hair is warm but lighter such as strawberry blond, golden blond or light brown consider gold, caramel, aqua or light yellow greens. Those of us with dark ash brown and black hair will look great in black, silver, burgundy or deep blue. Cool blondes and lighter ash browns will be suited to pewter, pink, blue, purple and blue greens.





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