Do you Have a Feminine Romantic Style ?

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Do you Have a Feminine Romantic Style ?

‘Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.’ – (Rachel Zoe) Did you know that the colours, patterns, motifs and designs you’re attracted to speak volumes about your inner self, your personality and even your values? They can also give us a clue to what you look like.
Physical Traits of a Feminine Romantic Style Personality

If you are predominantly a feminine romantic style personality chances are you have many, if not all of these physical characteristics:

  • you’re small to medium height
  • you’re fair skinned
  • your hair is wavy or curly
  • your hair colour is blonde to medium brown
  • you have soft or rounded facial features rather than angular

What do Feminine Romantics love to wear?

Feminine romantic women love, or at least like:

  • floral patterns
  • pastel colours
  • floaty fabrics like chiffon, voile and tulle
  • fabrics that feel soft to the touchpolka-dot-fress
  • ribbons and lace
  • sweetheart necklines
  • dainty jewellery such as lockets, cameos, heart-shaped pendants
  • flowers or bows on their shoes
  • retro fifties fashion

Feminine romantic style personalities:

  • often work in the caring and nurturing professions like nursing and teaching
  • read poetry
  • love romantic novels and films
  • are forgiving, sensitive and compassionate
  • avoid conflict and prefer to be the peacemaker
  • make lovely friends

Of course, these traits do not belong exclusively to this style personality but if you feel that very many of these characteristics do belong to you, it’s likely that you are indeed a feminine romantic style personality.  And you are in good company. Famous women who share this style with you include:

  • Jane Seymour
  • Taylor Swift


    Feminine romantic Jane Seymour

  • Reese Witherspoon

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Feminine and romantic Reese Witherspoon

Feminine romantic Reese Witherspoon

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