How To Dress Thick Ankles

May 8, 2014 | Posted in: Image Consultant

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How To Dress Thick Ankles

Many women bemoan the fact they have thick ankles and often opt for pants in lieu of dresses because they feel more comfortable about their appearance when their ankles are not on show. However, many of us take the minimise and disguise strategy too far by never ever wearing a fabulous dress or skirt and that seems a shame. There are some other strategies to employ rather than simply covering up.
Here’s a few suggestions:
1. Avoid ankle straps, gladiator sandals or high vamps. We don’t care how fashionable or fabulous the shoe may be! Don’t go there.
2. Do opt for darker shades of hosiery.
3. In the warmer months, use a little self tan on your lower legs.
4. Choose subtle A-line skirts; the wider the hem the slimmer your ankles will appear.
5. Following on from tip no.4, avoid tapered hemlines.
6. Avoid hemlines that finish too close to your ankles, just below the knee will be a much more flattering length.

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