How To Dress Like a Style Icon

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The perfect epitome of a classic style personality

How To Dress Like a Style Icon



Lessons to be Learned from a Style Iconaudrey hepburn
We love Audrey Hepburn, she is one of our favourite style icons. We think she perfectly epitomised stylish dressing and we began to consider that  the rest of us mere mortals could learn how to dress like a style icon by studying how Audrey did it. It’s worth mentioning at this point, that Hubert Givenchy was Audrey Hepburn’s stylist. Looking fabulous would be a little easier for most of us if we had someone of his inestimable talents directing our clothing choices. But in the absence of a personal Givenchy, the next best option is to learn from what Hepburn and Givenchy did.
 Firstly, her clothes and make-up were timeless, neither fashion forward or fashion passé. Minus the gloves perhaps, today we could replicate this outfit pictured here and look thoroughly contemporary.
 Secondly, she always presented a balanced visual image that showcased her beautiful face and slender body.
 Audrey’s accessories and garments are carefully selected to create her stunning look.
  • The hat is the star of the outfit, so her earrings are subtle and do not compete for attention.
  • The short V-neckline of the dress is perfect, it does not overplay Audrey’s beautiful long  and slender neck.
  • The slightly cut-in shoulder visually widens her shoulder line to balance perfectly with the wide brim of the hat. 
Despite the attention to detail in this outfit the result is anything but contrived, instead it is one of effortless style – and that is one of the secrets to looking absolutely fabulous. 

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