Don’t Let Your Heart Rule your Head

April 22, 2014 | Posted in: How To Dress, Image Consultant, Personal Stylist

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Don’t Let Your Heart Rule your Head

Well, it’s that time of year when one season is slipping away and another is looming on the horizon. That means it’s time to reorganise our wardrobes. Rather than a swag of handy hints, what we offer this time is some food for thought in the hope that it will free up your thinking to clean out your closets and make life a little simpler. The biggest challenge most of us face, is admitting that a garment has had its day. AbFab is very good at helping others dispose of clothing but even we struggle at times to let go of once treasured items. Below are a few questions we ask ourselves because they help us detach from things taking up valuable space in our wardrobe. We hope they can help you too.

  1.        Are you being just a little too emotional?

“But I bought that beautiful peasant skirt in Mexico 20 years ago when I was foot loose and fancy free.”

“But I was wearing that dress when my husband proposed”.

Girls, get a grip. Haven’t you got some photos you could keep instead? They take up a lot less space.

      2.  Are you feeling guilty?

“But, that shirt cost me so much money and I was months paying off my credit card.”

“But, it seems so wrong to give away something that was so expensive.”

If those clothes are hanging up in your wardrobe and not being worn by you, that is wasteful. Release them into the universe and let someone who needs them, can fit into them or whatever, get some use out of them

3.       Are you being realistic?

“But if I start doing weight training, I know I will be able to wear those sleeveless numbers.”

“But when I lose the extra weight I have been carrying since the twins were born, yes I know they’re 21, but still if I lose the weight…..”

So, unless you are suddenly and absolutely determined to commit to getting up two hours early every day to work out, to never let another piece of chocolate pass your lips and to never indulge in a few glasses of champagne, then it is time to get real! Those clothes that don’t fit, probably never will. Besides even if they did, they will probably look like refugees from another decade. Move on!

These can be difficult questions to ask ourselves but in the interest of sanity and practicality we need to do so.

Good Luck!

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