Colour consultants – Colour Analysis Can Help You Co-Ordinate Your Wardrobe.

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Colour consultants – Colour Analysis Can Help You Co-Ordinate Your Wardrobe.

Whist we can wear most colours,  Colour Consultants will tell you that it is the specific hue, clarity and undertone that cause some colours to make your skin glow with and your eyes sparkle with life. The wrong colours will dull your complexion and emphasize skin imperfections and make you look older. Some of us think we look old enough without colour adding on some years.

Great colours are those that:

  • Enhance your natural colour
  • Enhance your body’s shape, size and proportions.
  • Are appropriate for the occasion and season.

Colour consultants clarify how a colour analysis can help co-ordinate your wardrobe. Planning your wardrobe around your best core colours gives you maximum wardrobe flexibility. Core colours include black, white, grey, beige, navy, mahogany, red brown, camel and brown. These colours are very versatile and can be used anywhere, anytime.                                                                              For versatility and interest add a range of basic colours. These colours add life and interest to your core colours. They are best used next to your face. Basic colours include reds, blues, yellows and greens in medium to dark shades.

Professional Colour Consultants will determine your best colours and provide you with a colour swatch to take shopping. This will help you to purchase clothes in the right colours, intensity and contrast so that shopping becomes a breeze.

When you go to your wardrobe, do you see a closet full of clothes that have been carefully collected to harmoniously mix and match with each other, or doing you see clothing chaos? Creating wardrobe clusters is a great way to make your life much easier when it comes to recognizing what you need to purchase to achieve an interesting and effective wardrobe.

A wardrobe cluster is a small group of items that are in one or two colours that can be worn together. Nine pieces of well co-ordinated garments will give you twenty outfits. Add three more pieces and you can make up to forty more combinations. Colour Consultants will guide you towards your right colours, patterns, contrast levels and textures for theses clusters in your wardrobe. So in actual fact where it may seem you have fewer garments in your wardrobe now, these garments will create so many more options for you when you know how to combine them.

Most women do not give a lot of thought to their clothing purchases and as a result end up with a hotch potch wardrobe of clothes where few things work. For a wardrobe to really work it takes time and careful consideration of your needs in terms of your lifestyle, personality, budget and the image you wish to portray. Once these areas are worked out and you have learned how to dress for your body shape, colouring, personality and lifestyle your search for the right garments and accessories will suddenly become much quicker. Looking great will become easier and shopping will become a breeze and fun.

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