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How to Wear Patterned Pants

Patterned pants are a very popular fashion trend this year. They are frequently colourful and just a little ‘out there’. For the past couple of summer seasons, floral pants were the in thing, but in  Summer 2014/15, there has seen a shift away from flowers to abstract and geometric patterns. The colour options have been varied, and of […]

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How To Look Younger, Taller, Slimmer and Fabulous.

Understanding how colours impact our appearance is the first step to looking younger and fabulous. Understanding how the line and design of garments and accessories work for or against us is the first step to looking slimmer, taller and fabulous. Know Your Colours When we wear colours that share the same qualities as our own […]

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Even when dressing casually, Angelina Jolie makes a dramatic statement.

What’s Your Style? Perhaps “Natural Drama Queen”????

We love talking about Style Personality because we know it is a huge influence on what we love to wear, what makes us feel good and what helps us to look ‘absolutely fabulous’. We work with six to seven categories of Style Personality but very few women totally fit into one single category. Most women […]

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Alterations: A Fact of Life

Women’s bodies are constantly changing. We Abfab women look in the mirror and see a body that barely resembles the one we had as young 20 somethings. We may still be ‘rectangles’ and ‘triangles’ but that’s probably where the similarity ends with our younger selves.  We have had babies, gained and lost weight and got […]

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Lovely Legs

What woman doesn’t want to have a pair of great looking pins?  But what we want and what we get in life are often two different things. Some of us are born with long, shapely legs and some of us aren’t. However, there are strategies we can employ and things to avoid doing, in order […]

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How To Wear A Belt

Belts can be functional as well as glamorous, but like most things in fashion they can work for us or against us. When we don a belt we need to be aware that it will be a focal point, meaning it will be eye catching. Whenever we accessorise, we need to create or maintain our […]

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Chaos Theory

Take Control of Your Wardobe

How many of us would intentionally bring home a packet of self raising flour when we already have 2 kg in the pantry and not a skerrick of cornflour? Or bring home a delectable cheese when we have no crackers to eat with it? Or buy some beluga caviar because it was on special but […]

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Once upon a time a well dressed woman would always have worn matching shoes and handbag. Well, that fashion edict has long been disregarded and that’s a good thing because shoes wear out while a handbag can last forever. So, in the past this meant women ended up with a wardrobe of orphaned bags, their […]

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Stylish women have a distinctive way of dressing that is virtually a visual signature. They have a personal formula for putting outfits together. What contributes to this formula? Many elements that include their occupation, interests, attitudes, philosophies, age and physical characteristics. Creating a style that is complementary rather than contradictory to our own physicality is […]

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Many of us would like to be taller than we are, and many petite women envy their long legged, taller ‘sisters’.  And in some ways that’s a shame because lots of great adjectives go with petite: cute, compact, pretty, charming, feminine, sweet, dainty, delicate. However, when a petite woman dresses she doesn’t need to advertise […]

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