How to Choose the Right Size Accessories

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How to Choose the Right Size Accessories

Size Really Does Matter

Knowing how to choose the right size accessories is an important skill but one that is easy to master. Have you ever put on a piece of jewelry and even though you love it thought it just didn’t look right? You just can’t put your finger on the problem but you take it off and try something else. Of course, there could be a few reasons for feeling dissatisfied with the piece, but a common reason is its scale, or size. Accessories that are appropriately scaled for our own body’s scale usually create better visual harmony and balance. Knowing our own scale is extremely useful when making accessory choices. A person’s body scale typically refers to their overall size or dimensions.

The Power of Optical Illusion

Another consideration is that the scale of an accessory, like a pendant for example can visually impact the perceived area where it sits. For example, a very tiny pendant lying on a very generous bust creates the impression that the bust is larger and the pendant smaller. Larger pieces placed on smaller scale bodies serve only to accentuate their smaller size. How does that work? Take a look at the image below and you will see that the central circle on the left looks larger than on the right and that’s because the surrounding circles on the left are smaller than their counterparts on the right. And of course, the central circles are the same size. That’s the power of optical illusion.

What’s Your Body Scale: Small, Medium or Large?

Here are the primary factors that determine one’s body scale:

  1. Height: This is a fundamental measure that contributes significantly to overall body scale. Taller individuals generally have a larger body scale compared to shorter individuals.
  2. Weight: Body weight, specifically body mass index (BMI), is a common metric used to assess body scale relative to height. However, your body composition i.e. the proportion of muscle, fat, bone, and other tissues in your body also impacts your scale. Two individuals of the same height and weight can have different body scales if their body compositions differ significantly (e.g., one may have more muscle mass while the other has more body fat).
  3. Body Measurements: Specific measurements such as bust, waist, hip, ankle and wrist circumference also contribute to determining body scale.

As a general rule of thumb, if you can be described as petite, your body scale will be small. If you are an average weight and somewhere between 164 and 175 cm tall, your body scale will be medium. Being tall, more than 175 cm and especially if you have a large frame generally means your body scale will be large. If you are significantly overweight, you are also likely to be a large body scale.

What Size Accessories Suit Your Body Scale?

If your personal body scale is large, your most flattering accessories will be medium to large scale. Dainty delicate pieces will be lost on you. However, if you have some beautiful fine chains or necklaces and don’t want to leave them languishing in your jewelry drawer, try wearing multiple pieces simultaneously. This can create medium scale and look great. Similarly, if your handbag is a tad tiny, tie a fabulous scarf to the handle to create a more significant piece. A large body scale is made for stunning statement accessories. So upscale your accessories and create your own knock-out personal style.

If your personal body scale is medium then you are spoilt for choice. You can look great in small, medium or large accessories. The most important determining factor for you will be your style personality. Circumstances and occasions will also determine the most appropriate scale for your accessory choices.

Multiple fine or small chains and necklaces can create medium scale.

If you have a small body scale your most appropriate accessory scale will be small to medium. Choosing accessories that harmonise with your own body scale helps to create a balanced visual image. Over sized pieces on small or slight individuals can detract from your appearance by being too much of a distraction. The star of the show should be you!

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