Personal Shopping Adventures

Personal Shopping- $175.00 for two hours,
$75 per additional hour.

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Our shopping tours are fun and informative. As well as finding some fabulous clothes we’ll show you how to:

  • Quickly scan the stores for your right colours and styles.
  • Sensibly select the best garments to take into the fitting room.
  • Find those elusive special occasion outfits.
  • Avoid “expensive” bargains.

Do you find the sea of clothes in stores overwhelming? Have you been known to leave a shopping centre in a state of panic, empty handed and in tears? Have you ever experienced a meltdown in the change room from sheer frustration?

If you can answer “yes” to any of the above then a personal shopping tour will help set you back on track, regain your confidence and turn shopping into a joyful experience.

Allow Abfab’s expertise to guide you through racks and racks of garments and discern from the mass of clothes the right style and colour for you.

A shopping tour begins with a morning coffee and a half hour getting acquainted session before the two hour shopping time begins. You’ll be given a brief questionnaire to fill in. This helps us to ascertain what you hope to achieve by having a personal shopping session with us.

We promise you will not go home with any ‘this will have to do items’ merely to satisfy your desire to buy ‘something’. You will either absolutely love it or leave it behind. When the clock stops and the session is over our clients are usually amazed at how much they were able to buy in such a short time. They also say that they tried on things they would normally never have considered and created outfits out of garments they would never have put together on their own. And after two hours of strenuous retail therapy… anyone for another coffee????

Prefer to be part of a group or have a couple of friends who’d like to join you? Then check out our Group Shopping Tours.