Business And School Programs

Absolutely Fabulous Business Programs


A well presented workforce has a positive impact on the credibility and profitability of any business.

Our programs are designed to:

  • Enhance the visual image of individuals and the company itself.
  • Raise awareness of the importance of professional dress.
  • Meet the unique needs of the individual client.
  • Be interactive, engaging and non-threatening.

Do you have concerns about the standard of dress amongst your employees?

Are you looking to present an initiation program for new workers?

Are you wanting to raise the professional image of your company or business?

Or, are you looking for a fun and different session to insert into your business conference or seminar?

Absolutely Fabulous Business Programs are flexible and informative enough to be the answer to all of these questions.

We have presented for firms introducing a new dress code as well as human resources departments running team building programs.

Absolutely Fabulous Business Programs prepares both businesses and individuals to convey the best and most appropriate professional image.

Absolutely Fabulous Business programs include seminars, inter-active workshops and individual consultations. These programs are adapted to the needs of the client whether they be a large corporation or a medium to small business. A wide variety of issues can be covered and the programs can be tailored for men and women.

Absolutely Fabulous Image Consultancy has formal educational qualifications and teaching experience which ensures our programs are outcome oriented, innovative and effective. Every program is thoughtfully prepared with the goals and expectations of our clients in mind. By using proven training strategies, we ensure that the information is delivered effectively and in an entertaining manner.

Our business presentations consist of:

  • Power Point presentations
  • Inter-active activities
  • Worksheets
  • Hand-outs

Topics can include:

  • Dressing for specific business occasions
  • Building a professional wardrobe
  • The importance of first impressions
  • Image as a useful business tool
  • How colour is interpreted in the business world.
  • The differences between “casual” and “business casual”.
  • Understanding subliminal messages
  • The power and influence of stereotypes
  • Balancing your style personality with your business role.


Working with Sharron-Del and Michele from Absolutely Fabulous Colour & Style has been an absolute delight and of great value to our company. Their presentation provided our Store Managers with easy to understand information about their own style and visual image along with some great insights into choosing garments and outfits that flatter their customers’ body shapes. Their engaging and interactive presentation style ensured that everyone came away from the session feeling energised and motivated. Long standing managers commented that they “hadn’t felt this excited in a long time” and couldn’t wait to share the style advice with their teams and their customers.

Judy Little, Learning & Development Consultant
Suzanne Grae Corporation

Congratulations on your superb presentation at our Sydney Business Luncheon. The event was a great success and enjoyed immensely by all those in attendance. I appreciate the effort and enthusiastic contribution you displayed in your presentation. Your willingness to impart your knowledge and business expertise with the audience was indeed generous.
I wish you much success and look forward to your continued participation in our future activities and events.

Lynette Palmen AM
Founder and Managing Director, Women’s Network Australia

Michele Gillett and Sharron-Del Wakely successfully delivered a series of Corporate Image Workshops nationally at TressCox Lawyers. As this topic is perceived to be a sensitive one, a considerable amount of time and thought went into the design and content of the workshops. The workshops were informative and were delivered in an entertaining but professional manner. Michele and Sharron-Del captured the audience’s attention and were able to successfully convey the message to a broad range of staff in a comfortable atmosphere,

Colleen Weiler National Human Resources
TressCox Lawyers

NECA NSW engaged Absolutely Fabulous Colour and Style Image Consultancy to do a presentation at our partners lunch during the 2011 NECA Conference. I found Michele and Sharron-Del easy to work with and very professional. The feedback I received from those attending the presentation and lunch was very positive. They particularly enjoyed their interaction with them as well as finding the presentation to be very helpful and entertaining.

Pamela Renneberg
Conference Organiser


Formal teaching qualifications and extensive experience working with school aged young people, enables us to create dynamic, fun and interesting programs. They make an ideal ‘end of year interest elective’.

Our school programs are designed to:

  • Engage the students with creative and interactive activities.
  • Enhance self-esteem.
  • Develop positive attitudes around body image and personal appearance.

Drawing on our teaching background, Absolutely Fabulous creates workshops and presentations especially tailored to suit the needs of young people emerging into adulthood. Today it is difficult but necessary to cut through the complex marketing and media driven messages targeting our youth. They are often overwhelmed by conflicting information, misinformation and blatant advertising at a time when they are insecure and unsure of their emerging identities.

We cover topics such as:

  • body image,
  • fashion versus style
  • stereotypical dressing
  • understanding subliminal messages
  • dressing for work
  • interview strategies
  • body shapes
  • colour coding

Importantly, our programs are infused with a healthy dose of fun and more serious topics are presented in a light hearted but meaningful way. We cater for active student participation and include questionaires, quizzes and games to deliver the content.

We have prepared programs for:

  • senior primary holiday activities
  • disadvantaged youth seeking employment
  • school gender days
  • vocational education conferences
  • end year interest electives
  • school to work transition programs

Our clients have included:

  • Menai High School
  • Beverly Hills Girls High School
  • St George Girls High School
  • Queenwood Girls School
  • Business Education Networks, Miranda and Ryde.


“Thank-you so much for your contribution to our Beauty Workshops. Our teenaged girls loved the advice and practical information that you were able to give them and we really appreciated the way in which you made your presentation relevant to their age group… Thanks for being so very prepared to work flexibly with our girls, your professionalism and fantastic sense of fun and perspective make you a joy to be around.”

Sonia Walker B.A. Dip.Ed
Clever Kids Education Centre
Northern Beaches

A big thank you to Absolutely Fabulous for yesterday, you were just brilliant. Everyone loved the presentation and found it extremely beneficial… Once again thank you so much – we will definitely be using AbFab again.

Christina Piontek
Dept of Education and Training